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It’s Earth Day! ClearlyEnergy’s Guide to Going Green in Three Clicks

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April 22 is Earth Day – a great time to do something green. If that “something” includes a move to renewable power, we’ve got you covered: In three clicks or less, ClearlyEnergy’s electric search function makes going green while saving green easy!


If you live in an area with deregulated electricity markets, you can choose who supplies your power. Many companies offer renewable or “green” power options: you might pay slightly more for the electricity in exchange for the satisfaction of knowing it comes from “clean” sources rather than dirty ones – usually this means wind turbines rather than coal or natural gas-burning plants.

Renewables Bar With ArrowClick 1: Check out what options are available in your region by typing in your zip code – going green could be cheaper than you thought!

Click 2: When you use ClearlyEnergy’s electricity search feature, you can choose the extent to which you include renewable electricity options in your power menu by sliding with the bar at the left. The percentage renewable electricity in each offer will show up in our results next to a green leaf.

How much carbon dioxide your household’suse of renewable power will prevent from entering the atmosphere is shown next to the tree

Leaf And Tree With Circle And Arrowsymbol – since trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, we list how many coniferous tree saplings growing over 10 years would equal your household’s greenhouse gas reduction contribution.

In many cases, renewable electricity is not even that much more expensive than power from your local utility. In the New York City area, some renewable power packages can be cheaper than the standard offer from the local utility: Viridian, for instance, offers a 6-month package with 100% Green-e certified renewable wind power that represents a savings compared to buying 6 months of power from ConEd’s default plan. Hudson Energy and Green Mountain power also offer plans in New York City which allows you to go green and save some in the process. In Maryland, Clean Currents offers locally sourced “neighborhood wind” at attractive prices. Make your choice amongst these offers, click 3 and you're done!

Earth Heart 400 Clr 11621If you find companies and offers your like, it’s important to understand what greening your power actually means. The exact electrons coming into your wall socket aren’t necessarily generated at the wind farm: electricity supply at any given time is like a big swimming pool – what comes to our sockets is whatever is being generated and transmitted by the plants in operation at the time. But the company offering renewable electricity uses your money to invest in and build more wind turbines, photovoltaic arrays, and other renewable infrastructure. It also makes sure there is enough renewable energy coming from those wind farms and photovoltaic arrays to cover your consumption.

You can brag about choosing renewable options because you are contributing to a cleaner power system – and that’s an awesome thing to do on Earth Day!

By Lisa Zelljadt, you can find me on Google+

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