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April 22 is Earth Day – a great time to do something green. If that “something” includes a move to renewable power, we’ve got you covered: In three clicks or less, ClearlyEnergy’s electric search function makes going green while saving green easy!


Electricity and water rates vary widely across the country, and the costs of doing laundry shake out differently depending on where you live. In this post, we survey big cities all over the country to find out where a load of wash is the least (and most) expensive…and where investing in an efficient washer gets you the most bang for your buck!

New York

Have you ever wished paying for electricity were more like paying for your cell phone, where you can find a plan that suits your habits? Free weekend minutes, long-term plans that lock in a lower rate, flexible month-by-month …Well, if you live in a deregulated electricity market, you have similar choices when it comes to paying for power! Read on to find out how to choose the type of electricity option that fits you best.


Pop quiz: which is the one appliance in your house that is on all day every day? Fitting with the chilly temps of the season, we investigate how to save $$ on keeping things cold...

Now that temperatures in much of the US are as cold as the inside of a fridge (34-37 degrees Fahrenheit, or 1.7 to 3.3 degrees Celsius), I’ve started wondering how much it costs to keep my food that cold year-round – my fridge isn’t the newest model out there, but would buying a new one really knock so much off my power bill that it’s worth the switch?


Well it looks like the Mayan apocalypse didn’t happen, or you wouldn’t be reading this blog post…But while the world is not ending, some opportunities to save money are: a lot of incentive programs for energy efficiency and power-saving appliances expire at the end of 2012, including some that you could still take advantage of!


Courtesy of Irene, Sandy and their friend Derecho, I have lost power three times in the past thirteen months for a total of twelve days. While the men and women who work around the clock to fix broken wires, telephone poles and transformers are heroes in my book, does that mean I should continue contributing to the profits of their parent company which provides me with generation and transmission services?

Which leaves me wondering, should I stay with my provider at this new rate or should I go with a new provider?


Having a choice means that companies cater their offerings to the consumer – power to the people! But as they say in Spiderman: with great power comes great…confusion?!? Since there is a choice of products, you can’t always be sure you are getting the best deal - and how does all this actually show up on your electricity bill?

Read on to find out…

Potato Chips

Have you been called by a telemarketer recently, offering your household electricity at a supposedly lower price? Though the person on the other line may seem pretty sketchy (and sometimes is), there’s something behind those calls – many of us can get a better deal on what we pay for electricity, and can choose among power providers like among brands of potato chips at the grocery store…Here’s the lowdown on what’s behind those calls, and on your electricity options ...


We’re all used to seeing slogans about renewable energy, from product labels (“made in a facility powered by renewable energy!”) to electricity suppliers touting their green credentials (“we sell renewable power!”) – most of these have pictures of neat and tidy wind turbines or sleek photovoltaic arrays on a pretty green background. Clean, green, high-tech, modern: that’s what we tend to think of when we hear “renewable”…so it may come as a surprise that some of the renewable power out there comes from ...


Like many of you, I took some trips this summer – including ones that involved camping and other muddy outdoor activities. As usual, such excursions increased my appreciation of appliances: rinsing cookware in a cold, rocky stream and losing food to mold after just a few days reminded me how great my dishwasher and fridge really are! But as the sweaty shirts and muddy shorts accumulated, the appliance I enjoyed returning to most was the washing machine.

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